Every vaccine must be safe, effective and well-tested before it receives marketing authorisation in the EU or Germany. The manufacturer must provide this proof in pre-clinical studies and clinical trials.

For vaccination against COVID-19, different vaccines are approved in the European Union (EU), which have already been evaluated by the STIKO for different age groups.

The vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna are so-called mRNA or bivalent mRNA vaccines. The vaccines from Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson are so-called vector-based vaccines. The vaccine from Novavax is a protein vaccine. The vaccine from Valneva is an inactivated and adjuvanted whole virus vaccine.

Detailed information on this can also be found in the current information sheet and the current STIKO recommendations.

Further information on the mode of action and safety of the vaccines can also be found on the information offers of the federal government and on the information page of the European Commission.


The Standing Commission on Vaccination recommends preferably one of the approved and available Omicron-adapted bivalent mRNA vaccines (Comirnaty Original/Omicron BA.1, Comirnaty Original/ Omicron BA.4/5, or Spikevax bivalent Original/ Omicron BA.1) for booster vaccinations from 12 years of age.
It does not differentiate between the preparations. 
The Omicron-adapted bivalent mRNA vaccines have so far only been approved for booster vaccinations from 12 years of age (for the first and second vaccine doses as well as for the booster vaccination for children from 5 to 11 years of age with certain pre-existing conditions, it is therefore still valid to use the conventional approved vaccines).


Information about possible vaccination reactions is part of the information session before a vaccination is administered.
You can also obtain relevant information on vaccination reactions in advance from the current clarification sheet.

It is of great importance for medical research that as many people as possible report on their vaccination and the tolerability of the respective vaccine. Please use the online form to indicate whether and from which side effects you were affected.