Open vaccination

Every vaccination counts! Even after the closure of the state vaccination centres, numerous vaccination offers are available. If you are looking for a low-threshold and spontaneous vaccination offer, you have the possibility to be vaccinated by one of the mobile vaccination bus teams. Many pharmacies, doctors' surgeries and company doctors are also participating in the vaccination campaign.

Vaccination buses

Mobile vaccination bus teams travel throughout Rhineland-Palatinate. Vaccinations are given without booking an appointment in city centres, at leisure facilities, in sports clubs and at vocational colleges and universities. The special vaccination campaign is implemented in cooperation with the German Red Cross. Citizens can get a first, second or booster vaccination. Persons aged 12 and over can receive a vaccination if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Adolescents between 16-18 years of age can take advantage of the vaccination offer with a written declaration of consent from a parent or guardian.
Please bring your identity card and, if available, your vaccination certificate. The current recommendations and vaccination intervals apply. Please refer to the current weekly schedules for exact times and locations.


Nearly 70 pharmacy locations in Rhineland-Palatinate actively support the vaccination campaign. All information on the vaccination-ready pharmacies can be found at

General Practitioners

Furthermore, general practitioners and many pharmacies provide vaccinations against the Corona virus. If your doctor's practice does not offer COVID-19 vaccinations, you can find an overview of practices offering vaccinations here.